EFG Gamma Foundation is a private foundation established in 1998 in Lugano. Gamma stands for Global Asset Management Methods and Applications. Its mission is to promote discussion and increase knowledge, particularly from an applied managerial point of view, in different fields like:

  • Asset management, in particular portfolio management
  • Capital markets, including asset pricing and the competitive structure of the fund management industry
  • Public regulationin fund management in the financial industry
  • Governance, with particular emphasis on the discussion of best mechanisms for managing corporate and financial institutions
  • ESG (environment, social, governance) factors in order to enhance the contribution of the financial industry (especially asset and wealth management) to sustainability.

The chairman of the Foundation Board is Andrea Beltratti, Full Professor at the Bocconi University of Milan. Other members of the Board are Giorgio Pradelli, Franco Polloni, Moz Afzal and Alessia Stopper.