The main scope of the Gamma Foundation is to support an array of projects:

Organising conferences and events

mixing international academics and top managers and entrepreneurs in order to discuss relevant topics.

Research mandates

to personalities or institutions of recognized scientific standing in the field of Asset Management

Promotion of seminars and courses

in the field of Asset Management

Participation in and support to similar initiatives

promoted by other renowned organisations

Promotion of other activities

in line with the above mentioned purposes

In its history the Gamma Foundation has organised more than 30 conferences

With academics like Steve Ross, Michael Spence, Robert Shiller, Jeremy Rifkin, Carlo Rubbia and many others in Switzerland and across Europe. It has also supported more than fifty research projects.


In the last few years, the Gamma Foundation activities focused more on the ESG. In this sense, since 2021 the Foundation has been organising series of webinars and conferences, which explore Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance considerations that have a vital role in business, from being a key building block of an asset management investment process, to the cornerstone of entrepreneurial endeavour.

Each event Gamma Foundation invites a panel of experts to discuss the topic from different angles. Amongst others: how good leadership can accelerate ESG-compliant companies, how can equality and inclusion be promoted within a company as well as about ESG integration into investment processes and choices.